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Erik Mattsson

Category:  Construction, Roofing
Mattsson Roofing & Restoration
Phone: 201.925.9709

Mattsson Roofing & Restoration is a fully licensed and insured contractor specializing in roofing, siding, gutters, painting, for the Northern New Jersey Counties of Bergen, Passaic, and Essex.

Your roof, along with everything about your home, requires proper maintenance to ensure its value for years to come. We provide our customers with exemplary service and care compared to others in our industry.

Mattsson Restoration’s construction services bring the vision you have for your home to life!

Erik Mattsson has been involved in the Construction Industry since he completed four years at the University of Delaware in 2015. Aside from a stint as a sales professional at a telecom company in Manhattan, Erik’s professional life has involved working with homeowners on their home’s construction and value. During college, he worked summers for a roofing and siding company in Delaware, and in 2015 began work as an Insurance Restoration Consultant for the Storm Guard Franchise of Greater Bergen County. Erik soon grossed some of the highest dollar amounts received from insurance companies for homeowners among Restoration Consultants, and was promoted to leading the Restoration Team less than a year into his time at Storm Guard. Unfortunately, the owner of the franchise chose to close down in 2017. However, this did not diminish Erik’s drive for helping homeowners with the construction and restoration of their home. After deliberating and consulting with friends and family, Erik decided to open his own construction business called Mattsson Roofing & Restoration, and is eager to serve the residents of Northern New Jersey. We’ll see how the story writes itself from here on out!

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