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Boyd Lowry

Category:  Non-Medical Home Care
FirstLight Home Care of Glen Rock, NJ
201 Rock Road, Suite 116a,
Glen Rock, NJ 07452
Phone: 201-345-3398
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FirstLight Home Care is a family business focused on serving our seniors as they age in place. We strive to care for your family with dignity and respect. Whether you are working or traveling you can be confident that your loved one is safe and cared for with FirstLight Home Care. Let our family serve your family.

Boyd served as an Active Duty Marine from 1982-1986 with overseas deployments in two military conflicts. He continues to serve our veterans as they age in place.

Boyd received a degree in Human Resources Management and started his career at New York University in the personnel department. He managed employee records, benefits and recruiting functions. As a recruiter we match applicants with employers and as a home care professional we match caregivers with seniors. Always building on a positive work environment we promote the core values of FirstLight Home Care serving our seniors.

Prior to opening FirstLight, Boyd worked in technology, focusing on system integration and design of warehouse operational systems. After many successful years working with large corporations around the world Boyd’s focus returned to serving individuals.

With the right people we promote that foundation at FirstLight Home Care and continue to nurture our employee’s needs to succeed and serve. Our Caregivers are compassionate, reliable and dedicated to your loved one.

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