Hollywood does not display the business world in the most optimal light.

Films such as Boiler Room and Wolf of Wall Street portray the everyday businessman as heartless and corrupt. Unfortunately, those unsavory Hollywood portrayals have spilled over into the public perception of how the business world functions off-screen. 

Peter Rosas, a finance expert with a heart of gold, could cause even the most cynical Hollywood producer to reconsider their amoral ways. Rosas’ truth is far more inspirational and heartwarming than that particular piece of Tinsel Town fiction.  

Peter Rosas began his banking career at Chase Bank in 2009, prior to that he was a Financial Adviser, a position that would set the tone for his future altruistic endeavors. Rosas has been with Capital One for the past four years. His role in business banking is an appropriate fit with his philanthropic nature; Rosas steers business owners towards leveraging credit in order to help grow and sustain their business’ financial health.

Rosas acquainted himself with BNI through an active search for a networking group to foster his portfolio within business banking. After attending two meetings, Rosas was sold. Today, four years later, Pete is soon to be outgoing chapter president. When reflecting upon his presidency, Rosas had this to say, “It takes responsibility and being outside of your comfort zone. I like to serve the community, be a good outside influencer. It was very rewarding to see what we’ve been able to do these last eleven months.” Rosas also regards his presidency as his most rewarding BNI experience and success to date. “This is the first time I’ve seen that much growth in one year.”

Rosas’ selfless intent extends to a passion project. Outside of the business banking sphere, Rosas is the director of Financial Peace University, a financial literacy course based out of his church, Crossroads in Clifton, NJ. FPU is on a mission to extend the knowledge of managing finances in a responsible, strategic manner to the masses. 

By communicating the importance of being financially savvy during the adult years, FPU fulfills its mission by educating adolescents, teens and adults towards financial competence. FPU offers classes for K-12 in addition to their adult course, with different curriculums for each age group. “We teach everyone from soup to nuts, in both planning for the future, and managing money for the future.” Although FPU is church program, it is still open to the public, no matter their religious beliefs or walk of life. FPU’s inaugural classes are set for Sept. 16, and are available weekly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. 

Rosas’ personal affinity for finance led him to take up the role of a financial coach. “I help families with planning, getting out of debt, and budgeting. It’s a very good feeling to help get someone out of a rut.” 

When it comes to BNI, Rosas’ preaches patience to new chapter members from the vantage point of a BNI leadership role. His apt advice to new members who may be seeking instant results is this, “You wouldn’t give your car keys to a stranger,” he explains. “You have to earn the right to ask–build relationships. Get involved early. Give almost as if you’re not expecting anything in return. Let it happen organically. See the big picture–keep in mind there’s a reason people have been a part of this chapter for 15 years or more.” 

Intimidated by joining such a seasoned chapter? Cast your worries aside, Rosas more than welcomes the prospective newbie into the chapter. During his presidency, Rosas and his leadership team brought thirteen new members who were brought into the fold.

Rosas is serving the community in more ways than one by coupling the business with the personal. By educating others in handling their finances, he is helping break the cycle of poverty and the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck. Rosas is the opposite of the Hollywood businessman cliché, as well as an exemplary leader, teacher, and human being. Peter Rosas’ presidency of, and membership in, the chapter is representative of the spirit of BNI as a whole – he is a true giver who truly has gained.

If you care to learn more about Financial Peace University or to sign up, please contact Pete Rosas directly at ptrrosas@gmail.com or visit Crossroads Church website.