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Randolph Cary

Category:  Bank Services, ATMs
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Randolph Cary Jr. is one of six children who’s parents instilled in them – they must be a cut above the rest- strive to be the best in every thing you do. From the early years of Randolph’s life he knew he wanted to be a successful businessman. His first job was at the age of nine as a newspaper delivery boy. The competition was intense because the goal was to have more apartment deliveries than the next. Randolph knew he had to stand out from the rest so on Sundays he started to offer orange juice with the Sunday newspaper.

Through Randolph’s childhood he focused on school but held his vision of one day owning his own business.
That time began while working for the NYC Department of Finance. He noticed his supervisor used a pager and at that time only doctors, attorneys and executives used pagers. Randolph inquired to find out how he too could own a pager. Within two years, Randolph opened his own pager/cellular company in NYC offering pager services to “all walks of life.” While vacationing in Bermuda Randolph noticed that Bermuda charges twice as much for pager service than in the U.S. This again was an opportunity he had to pursue, thus opening a cellular company in Bermuda.

As with all businesses, the market began to boom causing the larger telecommunication companies to dominate the market.
Randolph moved on, this time he invested in a laundromat that housed 18 dryers and 12 washing machines. Business was great until mega laundry mats began to pop up causing Randolph’s revenue to decrease. Randolph knew it was time to move on- that move was to the latest fad on the east coast, a Cyber Cafe. As with all Randolph’s investment – business was prosperous. Then one day a visit by an ATM salesperson would put Randolph on yet another path. Randolph listened to the pitch and allowed the salesperson to place an ATM machine in his Cyber Cafe. He then began to watch the number of times the machine was used by patrons and realized how lucrative of an investment that would be. Randolph presented a proposition to the salesperson that he could not turn down, to invest in their own ATM machines. At first business was slow but now 10 years later Gold Coast ATM service has hundreds ATM machines in the Tri-State area and is expanding across the country.

Randolph’s success shows one has to crawl before you walk – walk before you run- run before you soar – because skies the limit.

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